Author Topic: Virgin Media Join via me as a New customer and get 50 credit  (Read 1508 times)


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If you are thinking of joining Virgin Media for Cable TV, Broadband or Phone service AS A NEW CUSTOMER, contact me and I can recommend you.

This will give you 50 CREDIT off future bills when you join.

Yes 50 - and you get their normal deals and offers too.

Send me an email and we can discuss this - it costs you nothing. I recommend you and you get 50 CREDIT as a new customer - I get some money back too(as I am a customer too) for recommending you.

This will only work if you are a completely NEW customer for Virgin Media and have not used them before. (It will also not pay off any debt you have with Virgin Media.)

Get in touch and save money, its a great deal if you are looking for a bargain for cable TV, broadband, phone!