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Re: Exiles vs Residents
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Don't know how I missed this section but have had lots of fun reading it.
Any of you from the Antrim Road area?  I was born and brought up in Lismoyne Park, just off the North Circular Road.  Our house was at the top of the big hill and I have wonderful childhood memories of when it snowed, teenagers from all over Belfast  would head to Lismoyne Park with their sleighs and honest to goodness it was the best way of meeting new people I ever know. Other than when I worked in the Belfast Telegraph as Johnnytwocoats will agree.

Also, any of you remember dancing at Opher?  Bet this opens a can of worms and if you do, then I know what age you are.  :P

Anyway, my name way back then was Valerie Taggart, and if I know any of you would be great if you join in the craic.