Author Topic: B for Belfast costs £430,000  (Read 319 times)


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B for Belfast costs £430,000
« on: August 26, 2008, 02:55:46 AM »
B for Belfast ... so far so good but watch how it adds up to £430,000 8)

1.  Councillor Jim Rogers, the former Lord Mayor,rejected the original version.
2.  That left red faced Council bosses sitting at a dinner at the Hilton Hotel. 
3.  There were about sixty stakeholders enjoying that sumptuous three-course dinner. 
4.  A total of fifteen meetings were held in Belfast as well as one in London.
5.  The stakeholders are back ...
5a. A reception at the Belfast City Hall
5b. A dinner at Ten Square
5c. An event on the Nomadic.
6.  Councillor Rogers gave the green light at a breakfast meeting at Roscoff’s in April.
7.  The new logo was officially launched at the Waterfront Hall in June.

Councils in England paid a lot less than £430,000 for a similar looking load of rubbish.
Food and Drink Devon paid just £7,000 for its logo four years ago.
Blackburn and Barrow launched similar logos in the spring.
What did our bold Belfast boyos do? They spent £180,000 on the creation of its logo and £250,000 on advertising, launch events and showcase promotions.

Why weren't Primary school children consulted. They'd have produced perfect designs for sweetie money.

Source: Gail Edgar's article in the Belfast Telegraph dated Monday 11th August.