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Re: Finiston Primary School
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@spoolerdog, we were at finiston together, model together, hope you and family are well, met mark a few years back and even have bumped into carol and david a few time but havent seen you since model days


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Re: Finiston Primary School
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Hi Thomas

You didn't have a brother and sister did you?  Lived in the Gardens?

If so I remember you well both from Finiston and the Model.

Strange isnt it, nearly 40 years since we talked lol


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Re: Finiston Primary School
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Lived in 5 heathfield drive, torrens drive, torrens gardens, my dad was born and lived in ballycastle street, Was playing in the school playground the day it was mortored.
Remember teachers, mr Pollock, and Mr moore, played for the school football team. Born 1965 some of the older posters on here might well know my dad.
Very fond memories of a great school.
Hi Thomas,

I also attended Finiston PS, from 1960 to 1967. Born and bred in Ballycarry St untill I moved to East Belfast. One of my close friends lived in Ballycastle Street and was later one of the many innocent victims of the troubles. Finiston was a marvellous wee school and although we tend to only ever remember the good times in our past lives, I can honestly say I struggle to recall anything about my time at Finiston which was anything but good. I remember my first teacher was a Mrs Beattie. The Head was Mr Stewart. We also had Mr Macaulay (Macaulay?) Mrs Elliot and my favourite teacher of all time was Mr Herron in P7. I can remember vaguely that the caretaker was called Mr Heinz. I actually learnt to swim from the weekly lessons provided by the school every Thursday. A bus would collect us from the gates on the Oldpark Road entrance and we would travel to the baths on the Falls road. It was a really great time. I recall Finiston with great fondness and feel absolutely privileged to have been a pupil of a great school.
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