Author Topic: Belfast - so many foreigners???Why?  (Read 29897 times)


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Re: Belfast - so many foreigners???Why?
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M, what a smooth talker , you devil d'amour, I am learning thee Mageeka technique for the conquest of Lenadoon ;)


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Re: Belfast - so many foreigners???Why?
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Easy conquest up in the Doon G
pack of fegs couple of Coors and a bottle of Mundies, with the promise of a fish supper afterwards
Tell ye G it will open many doors


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Re: Belfast - so many foreigners???Why?
« Reply #257 on: August 03, 2007, 12:52:58 AM »
All said and done it is an attitude of self threat !!! Where do our attitudes originate ? From within. It is our own failure to encompass the bigger picture of Creation and what it is about. Individuals fail to evolve their inner self. They allow others to do it for them. We end up with a situation of leaders and followers ( Shepard and Sheep ). This manifests  itself in the Systems under which we live. We are followers of Religions. Political ideologies and any other [censored] that promises us an easy option to the problem of  Life/ afterlife. What then happens is the so called leaders manipulate the great mass of non thinkers using the tool of Individual Insecurity. Hence we have Religious and Racial Intolerance . This Produces the Ghetto Mentality and lifestyle. Build walls around ourselves !!! Anybody that isn't one of us is a threat,be it colour nationality,religion.materialism. :) Jeesus have we learned nothing !!!!! ::)
Cheer up !! It could be better  !!!