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Re: Winter in Belfast
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I make Himself the odd cup of peas with vinegar and he loves it. I'd never heard of it till I met him :)


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Re: Winter in Belfast
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Spent a few Christmases and New Years in Canada in the 80's and loved every minute of it.  Our friends thought we were mad wanting to walk home in the snow whilst they all got into their trucks to go a few streets down!!??


what part of Canada? You are right most people would think your crazy walking in the winter but it is nice if you are dressed for it. My husband and I love to walk at night, that is not correct, he loves it, I go to see all the Christmas lights in December. ::)

Val    O0


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Re: Winter in Belfast
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Visiting my brother in Pittsburgh, I asked him if we could walk to the shops, you know, have a chat and that,

  :o  what he said walk????  it wil take us 15 minutes.  

and I said  ???

Its just not done here.   He said to me....

Me being the eldest , I insisted   :knuppel2:

Couldnt believe that people were honkin their horns at us   :knuppel2: :knuppel2: :knuppel2:
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Re: Winter in Belfast
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When I first went to Canada in March 1982, we had only bought one car and the hubby needed it for work, so I walked to the commons for milk, I thought we didn’t live very far from it probably a 15 to 20 minute walk. They don't sell the milk in bottles there…but I wasn’t to know…sold it in gallon jugs… Bloody thing was very heavy on the way home. Next day I signed up for driving lessons.  :)

- Jen
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Re: Winter in Belfast
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I can tell you spent time in Fusco's and Desano's O0 My sister worked in that one you are talking about she also worked in two of the other Fusco shops one on the Castereagh Road... The other at the Hollwood Arch's
Just up from The Clock Bar. She was  older than me, i used to torture her for free Ice Cream, and hot peas. The Fusco Family were part of East Belfast in those day.  The grandfather was called Joe if i remember right....It was said that when he came from Italy to settle in Belfast...all he had was a monkey with him...Sammy ;D 

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Re: Winter in Belfast
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Montrose I think there was a lady called Florrie worked in Fusco's at the bottom of the N/ards Rd .There was also one almost oppposite the  Conn club at the corner of Witham St.  or was that Desano's can't remember but it is still there