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Belfast Weekly News 1857
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Below, are a few transcripts from the Belfast Weekly News 1857.

The Belfast Weekly News January 3 1857:


December 29th, Mrs Bernard M’Cann, Victoria Street, of a son.
December 29th, at Malone Cottage, the wife of Frederich Jee, Esq.,of a son.
December 27, at 57 Albert Crescent, the wife of Mr William Kennedy of a son.
December 26, at 1 Victoria Street, Belfast, the wife of T.C.S. Corry, Esq. M.D., of a son.
December 15th, at Kingston, Canada West, the wife of John B. Taylor, Esq.,9th Regt. Of a son.
December 27, at 7 University Square, the wife of A.C.Weir, Esq. of a son.
December 26, 94 Canal Street, Newry, the wife of Mr Donald Stewart, of a daughter.
December 25, at Ventnor, the wife of the Rev. G. Beresford, of a daughter.
December 18, at St Johnston, County Donegal, Mr John Donaghey, of a son.
December 26, at Ballyshanon, the wife of Mr J. Sharkey, woollendraper, of a daughter.


December 31, in the Joymount Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. James Warwick, Mr Henry M’Auley, to Miss Isabella Milliken, both of Carrickfergus.

December 31, in the Joymount Presbyterian Church, Carrickfergus, by the Rev. James Warwick, Mr. John. F. Morrison, of Glasgow, to Rosina, daughter of John Brown, Esq., High Street, Carrcikfergus.

January 1, at St. Anne’s Church, Belfast, by the Rev. T.F.Miller, Vicar, Mr. Thomas Rowan, Inspector of Fire-Plugs, to Sarah Jane, daughter of the late Mr. Wm. Davison, cabinet-maker, both of Belfast.

January 1 , in the Eglinton Street Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. James Martin, Mr William M’Coobury, Belfast, to Margaret, only daughter of Mr. J. Murphy, Belfast, formerly of Newtownards.

December 30, in the First Presbyterian Church, Killyleagh, by the Rev. Andrew Breakey, Ann, second daughter of Mr  Thomas M’Clurg, Ballygawley, Killyleagh to Mr Mr Richard C. Burrowes, merchant, Ballynahinch.

December 26, at the Presbyterian Church, Ballylinny, by the Rev. Isaac Adams, Mr James Courtney, Belfast, to Miss Eleanor Heggan, second daughter of Mr Hugh Heggan, of Straidnahanna.

December 23, at Everton, Lancashire, John H. Beck, Esq,. of Banbridge, County Down, to Jane, youngest daughter of the late Dr. Murdock, of Cookstown, County Tyrone.

December 26, in St John’s Church, by the Rev. Chas. Seaver, Mr. Edward M’Cormick, to Annie, youngest daughter of the late Mr Edward Cochrane, watchmaker, both of this town.

December 25, in Eglinton Street, Church by the Rev. J.B. Wilson, Mr. John Calendar, to Miss M. Meneely, both of Belfast.

December 23, at Carncullagh Presbyterian Meetinghouse, by the Rev. Joseph Bellas, Mr. John Ross, Ballydivitty, to Margaret, daughter of Mr Samuel Huey, Ballynarris.

December 20, in Eglinton Street Church, by the Rev. James Martin, Mr Thomas M’Gurk, North Queen Street, to Mary Jane , eldest daughter of Mr Matthew Mason, Crumlin Road.

December 26, at St Paul’s Church, by the Rev. Chas. Allen, Incumbent, Richard Allen, Esq., to Anna Cunningham, both of Belfast.

December 25, at the Remonstrant(?) Meeting House, York Street, by the Rev. D. Maginnis, Mr. John Montgomery, to Miss Margaret Leech, both of Belfast.

December 23, at the Presbyterian Church, Gilnahirk, by the Rev. John Coulter, D.D., Mr. Wm. Ferguson, Ballyregan, to Miss Margaret Jane Purdy, eldest daughter of Mr Hugh Purdy, Gilnahirk, Belfast.


December31, at Carrickfergus, Lucretia, wife of Wm. Burleigh, Esq. aged 49 years.

December 29, at Drumaheagles, Margaret, wife of Mr Thomas Millar, aged 48 years.

December 26, at Cecil, Augher, Co.Tyrone, Katherine Jane, relict of the late Rev. Francis Gervais, aged 75.

December 28, at Newtownards, Mary Ann, infant daughter of Mr. A. Robb.

December 28, at Lisburn, Mr George Pelan, aged 61.

December 27, in High Street, Carrickfergus, George Forsyth, Esq. M.D., aged 75 years.

December 26, at his residence, Ballymorn, Killinchy, Mr John Morrow, aged 65 years.

December 27, at Tandragee, Johanna, sister of the Rev. Mortimer O’Sullivan, D.D.

December 28, suddenly, at his residence, North Street, Newry, Surgeon, William Waddell, aged 56 years.

December 23 (28?) at Canal Quay, Newry, Mr John Warren, clerk to the Collecto of Inland Revenue, aged 55.

December 24, Thomas Steen, Esq., merchant Derry,

October 31, at St. John’s Newfoundland, Emma, wife of B.G.Garrett, Esq., many years High-Sheriff of Newfoundland, and son of the late John Garrett, Esq., of Lisburn, aged 61 years.

December 27, at 139 Nelson Street, Belfast, Agnes, wife of Mr William Black.

December 27, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Edward Milligan, Market Street, Monaghan.

October 23, at Germanstown(?), near Memphis, Tennesse, Joseph, third son of the Rev. James Crawford, of Londonderry.

Belfast Weekly News January 10 1857:


December 28, at Cushendall, the wife of  Sergeant Wm Blair, of the Constabulary, of a son.

December 31, at No. 7, Croy Place, Glasgow, Mrs. John Bain, of a daughter.

January 3, the wife of Mr Broughton, 5, Fountainville Terrace, of a daughter.

January 3, the wife of Mr William Wells, Inspector, Belfast Local Police, of a daughter.

January 2, at Lurgan, the wife of Mr John Rooney, merchant, of a son.

January 5, the wife of Divisional-Constable James Hawks, Local Police, of a son.

At Clonmanny Glebe, County Donegal, the wife of the Rev. George Henry Young, of a daughter.


January 8, in Linenhall Street Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. John Blakely, D.D., of Kirkintolloch, Scotland, brother to the bride, assisted by the Rev. Alex. Dobbin, Boardmills, John Orr, Esq., merchant, of Liverpool, to Jane, youngest daughterof the late J. Blakely, Esq,.Mossgrove, Boardmills.

January 7, at the Sandy’s Street Presbyterian Church, Newry, by the Reverend J.R. M’Alister, of Armagh, Mr James Allen, Officer of Inland Revenue, Nantwich, Cheshire, to Mary, daughter of Rev. J. West, Newtownhamilton.

January 3, at St Mary’s Church, Dublin, by the Rev. A. Leeper, Mr William Marks, to Miss Mary Edmondson, both of Dundalk.

January 1, in the First  Presbyterian Church, Ballyeaston, by the Rev. Mr. Raphael, Mr. Jno. James Fulton, Standing Stone, Doagh, to Miss Jane Craig, Fourmileburn.

January 1, in the Presbyterian Church, Townsend Street, by the Rev. Wm. Johnston, Mr. Samuel Fitchie, to Miss Matilda Fulton, both of Belfast.

December 31, at the Cathedral of Londonderry, by the Right Rev., the Lord Bishop of Derry nd Raphoe, assisted by the Rev. George Smith, William Hancock, Esq., of Wivebiscombe, Somerset, to Mary, daughter of the Rev. W.S. Escott, Foyle College, Londonderry.

At the First Presbyterian Church, Garvagh, by the Rev. James Miller, Mr. John Boyd, Bangor, to Miss Ellen Miller(?), Garvagh.


January 6, Ann, wife of Mr. William Hamilton, Ormeau Road.

January 6, Emily Patterson, daughter of Mr Joseph Sloan, Tullymore Cottage, Broughshane, aged 15 years.

January 5, at Queenstown, of scarletina, William E. Usher, only child of R.T.Usher, Esq., aged 11 years and 9 months.

January 2, at No. 9, Dock Street, John Young, Esq. at the advanced age of 82 years.

January 6, at Kildare Street, Newry, aged 30 years, Mary, the wife of Mr. J.P. M’Nally.

January 4, at Killyfast, Toome, Catherine, fifth daughter of Mr Hugh Neeon, Killyfast, Toome, aged 22.

January 6, at his residence, Farm-hill, County Fermanagh, Charles James Adams, Esq. aged 25 years.

January 2, at Tullyard, after a lingering illness, the beloved wife of Mr James Upritchard.

December 15, at Brackaville, near Coalisland, Mr Robert Sloan, aged 74 years, sincerely regretted by his relatives and a large circle of friends.

January 1, at 37 Berry Street, Belfast, Sarah, wife of Mr Adam Chambers.

January 5, at Ardmore, near Crumlin, Ann, relict of the late Henry Sinclair, of Crosshill, aged 92 years.

January 8, in Bandon, Susan Anne, daughter of Wm. Barry, Esq., of Belfast, aged eight months.

January 3, at Dervock, the residence of her father, Charles Douglas, Esq., Fanny Allen, the beloved wife of Richard W. Bagley, Esq.

January 1, at Dundalk, the Rev. John Hewson Allpress, Inspector, County Jail, aged 54 years.

January 2, W.H. Dwyer, Esq., of the Dundalk branch of the Bank of Ireland.

December24, Mr Alexander M’Kebery, of Ballymena, aged 70 years.

January 1, at Castle Archdall, in the 89th year of his age, Colnel W. Archdall, brother to the late General Archdall, M.P, and uncle to Mervyn Archdall, Esq, M.P., County Fermanagh.

December31, at Ballylennin, near Ahoghill, Hannah Agnew, relict of the late John Agnew, in the 106th year of her age.

December 28, the Rev. Patrick M’Nally, R.C. Curate of Castleblayney, County Monaghan, aged 29 years.

December 31, at Lough Fea, County Monaghan, Evelyn John Shirley, Esq. of Eatington Park, Warwickshire, and Lough Fea, County Monaghan.

December 29, at Ballylease, Agherton, Mr. Robert Gray, in the 82nd year of his age. Strange to say, he died on the same bed, and in the same room, in which he was born, his father and grandfather having occupied the same homestead.

December 22, at Tullyronan House, near Tobermore, John Burgess Mee, Esq., aged 42 years.


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Re: Belfast Weekly News 1857
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Belfast Weekly News January 17 1857:

….There were forty-two applications -  twenty of which were for transfers and the remainder for new licences. None of the cases possessed much public importance.
One of the applicants for a new license was Wm. Duffin, of 56 and 58 North Howard Street.
Head- Constable Henderson, stated that three houses had been made into one, and the alterations had a permanent appearance. The applicant swore that it was his intention to keep the premises as they now are. The license was granted.
We subjoin a list of the applicants and the decision in each case:-
Valentine Byrne, No. 50 Cromac Street, Belfast, granted;
Archibald Bell, Bridge Street, Lisburn, refused.
John Brown, Bow Street, Lisburn, refused;
William Crossley, 3 & 11 ½ , Quins’s Entry, Belfast, granted;
Mary Clay, 4 Pottinger’s Entry, Belfast, transfer, granted;
James Crosier, 32, Corn Market, Belfast, transfer, granted;
James Close, 42, Barrack Street, Belfast, transfer, granted;
Moses Corken, Gortnacor, refused;
Alexander Cosgrave, Malone, Belfast, no appearance;
Joseph Croft, 18, Garmoyle Street, Belfast, transfer, no appearance;
William Duffy, 56 & 58, North Howard Street, Belfast, granted (see above, he was called Duffin);
Denis Doyle, 1& 3 Peter’s Hill, Belfast, transfer, no appearance;
James Gentle, 86 North Street, Belfast, refused;
Alex. Gillies, 11 Gamble Street, Belfast, transfer, granted;
James Haslett, Dover Street, Belfast, transfer, granted;
John Heaney, Bridge Street, Lisburn, granted;
Felix Kelly, 50 Union Street, Belfast, granted;
William John Leckey, Brookhill, refused;
Andrew Lyle, 63 and 65 Mill Street, Belfast, granted;
Thos. Mercer and Wm. Kerr, 31 Cromac Street, Belfast, transfer, no appearance;
Hugh Mallon, 199 Shankhill Road, Belfast, granted;
Jane Meenan, 5 Winecellar Entry, Belfast ( Beer License only), granted;
Geo. Mullan, 131 North Street, Belfast, transfer, granted;
Martha M’Alister, 61 Donegall Quay, Belfast, granted;
John M’Alister, 196 York Road, Belfast, granted;
John Kelly M’Kenna, 200 North Street, Belfast, transfer granted;
Edward M’Sherry, 59 Lagan Street, Belfast, no appearance;
Peter M’Donald, 154 Nelson Street, and 45 North Thomas Street, Belfast, transfer, refused;
Geo. M’Ilroy and Hugh M’Ilroy, 86 ½ Durham Street, Belfast, transfer, refused;
Patrick O’Neill 31 & ? Devis Street, Belfast, granted;
Thomas G ( print is smudged) illips, 52 Victoria Street, Belfast, transfer granted;
George Parker, 27 Queen’s Square, Belfast, transfer, granted;
Sarah Quigley, 4 Short Street, Belfast, granted;
Wm. Quigley, 3 Short Street, Belfast, transfer, no appearance;
Robert Robinson, 1 Short Street and 55 Dock Street, Belfast ( for Short Street alone), granted;
Robt. Scott, 11 St Anne’s  Buildings, off Donegall Street, Belfast, granted;
Richard Turney 42 Cromac Street, Belfast, transfer, granted;
Ann Tomkins, 30 Corporation Street, Belfast ( Beer License only), granted;
Robert Wallace, 11 Pottinger’s Entry, no appearance;
John White, 42 John Street, Belfast, granted;
Michael Ward, Ballynacward, Derriaghy, refused.


January 12, at 49 Sackville Street, Dublin, the wife of Graham Lemon, Esq. of twins, a son and a daughter.

January 11, at 25 Upper Sackville Street Dublin, the lady of Dr. Wyse, of a son.

January 10, at Little George Street, the wife of Mr John Robinson, of a son.

January 10, at Bessbrook, the wife of the Rev. Joseph Chamney, of a daughter.

January 9 at Springmount, Aughnacloy, the wife of Captain G. Olpherts, late of 86th Regt., of a son.

January 5, at Alla, Parish of Upper Cumber, Mrs T Lindesay, of a son.

January 10, Mrs R. J. Johnston, Hill Street, Newry, of a son.


Jnaury 13, in the First Presbyterian Church, Killyleagh, by the bride’s father, Rev. Samuel Hamilton, Saintfield, to Elizabeth, second daughter of the Rev. Andrew Breakey, Killyleagh.

January 14, in Carrickfergus Church , by the Rev. C. B. Knox, Mr Alexander Parkhill, of North Street, to Miss Mary Burns, of Islandmagee..

January 7, at St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, Armagh, by Archbishop Dixon, Philip Lavery , Esq., surgeon, to Miss Mary Gribben, daughter of the late Patrick Gribben, merchant.

January 6(?)in Moy Church, by the Rev. Richard Wrightson, Mr James Verner of Derryane(?), to Lydia , fourth daughter of the late John Sinclair, of Kineary, Co Armagh.

January 8, at Ballygowan Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Thomas Shaw Woods, Mr Joseph Wright, Ballinadolly, to Miss Martha Osborne, Kilmmood(?), Co Down.

December 31, at St George’s Church, Edinburgh, by the Rev. Duncan Campbell M’Sorley, William Mackey, Esq, Banbridge, County Down, to Georgina Napier Sutherland, only daughter of the heiress of the late Alex. Sutherland, Esq., Castle Sharrook, Edinburgh.

January 5, at Artigarvan Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Moses Chambers, Mr William M’Intyre, of Londonderry, to Jane, eldest daughter of Mr Joseph Nickle, Wood End, Strabane.


January 14, James Grimshaw, jun. Esq., of Whitehouse, in the 57th year of his age.

January 13th, Mr James Davison, of Barnish, aged 104 years, for upwards of 45 years a ruling Elder in the First Presbyterian Congregation of Randalstown..

January 12, at the residence of his son, 110, Upper Brook Street, Manchester, William Paul, of Portadown, Esq., aged 66 years.

January 10, Gertrude Meridith, wife of Robert Arthur, Esq., Donegall Place.

January 11, aged 88 years, Doctor Allen, of Comber.

January 10, at his residence, Wellington Place, Wm. Gillilan Esq. , in his 80th(?) year of his age.

January 11, at 7 Victoria Place, Upper Mount Street, Dublin, Mary C. Smyth, daughter of the late Rev. James Smyth, Rector of Churchtown, County Waterford, and sister of the late Wm. St. John Smyth, Rector of Ballymoney, and Chancellor of Down(?).

January 9, at Crossmaglen, County Armagh, Michael M’Donnell, Esq., in the 24th(?) year of his age.

January 8, Letitia, daughter of Mr John Bradley, aged one year and two months.

January 8, at Larchmount, Elizabeth, relict of the late Carey M’Clellan, Esq.,.

January 8, Letitia, wife of Dr. Forsyth, Culmore.

January 7, at 72 Earl Street, Miss Ellen Anderson, Teacher of Frederick Street Infant National School, aged thirty-three years.

January 5, at the farm-yard Bangor Castle, Mr Andrew Pride, aged thirty-six years.

January 9, Mr Israel Milliken, in his 86th(?) year of his age.

January 6, at Lisnamallard, County Tyrone, Mary Jane, relict of John Buchanan, Esq. of Omagh.

November 24, at Mountpleasant, State of Illinois, Mr. James Anderson, formerly of Ardmore, County Donegal, aged ( ink is smudged but it looks like 34 or 84 years).

December 8, at Montreal, Lower Canada, Mrs Samuel Ewing, formerly of Listillen(?) County Londonderry.

January 7, Mr Joseph Ruddell(?), of Ballycran(?), aged 69 years.

Janaury 11, at Belfast, Mrs William Bayes, formerly of Clough House, County Down, aged 77 years.

January 10, at Richmond House, near Dundalk, Lennox Bigger, Esq. aged 87 years.

January 8, at Tandragee, Mr. John Overend, organist Tandragee Church.

January 9, at Ballygowan, Mr. Alexander Burgess, aged 72 years.

January 9, in London, Thomas Kernaghan, Esq., of Enniskillen, aged 77 years.

December 4, at Hopewell, Washington, Missouri, U.S., Mr. Samuel Kyle Hinchey, aged 81(?), second son of the late William Hinchey, Esq., Supervisor Excise, Coleraine.


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Re: Belfast Weekly News 1857
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Belfast Weekly News January 24 1857
 (please note, the quality of print when transcribing was very poor)


January 21, at Arthur Street, the wife of Mr John Coates,solicitor, of a son.

January 21, at 55 May Street, the wife of Mr Malcolm M’Kenzie, of a daughter.

January 20, at Pilot Street, the wife of Mr. J. Clarke, of a son.

January 21, at Derry, the wife of Alex. Lindsay, Esq., of a son.

January 17, at High Holywood, the wife of Mr Herberts Dale, of a daughter.

January 14, the wife of the Rev. Robert G. Jones , of a daughter.

January 18, at St Stephen’s Place, Fleetwood, Mrs Humphreys, of a son.

January 11, at Portrush, the wife of Mr. D.T. Wilson, Lioyds agent, of a son.

January 15(?) at Downpatrick, the wife of the Rev. J.S.Eagar, of a daughter.

January 12, at Bangor, the wife of Capt. M’Dowell, of a daughter.


January 15, at St Anne’s Church, by the Rev. J.C. Flood, Mr Robert Begbie(?), gardener, Ballymenoch, to Miss Elizabeth Byrne, of same place.

January 15, in York Street Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. David Hamilton, Mr James Archer, merchant, Belfast, to Mary Jane, only daughter of Clements Bell, Esq., Ballyearl, Co. Antrim.

January 15, in Soldierstown Church, by the Rev. R. Hill, Joseph Irwin, Esq., of Millpark House, Laurencetown, to Sarah, daughter of Edward Chapman, Esq., of Soldierstown.

January 13(?) at Craigs(?) Church, by the Rev. G. Kirkpatrick, William Young Esq., Fenaghy(?), to Jane, eldest daughter J.W.Armstrong, Esq., Culmore, Kilrea.

January 14, in St Mary’s Church, Newry, by the Very Rev. the Dean of Dromore and Connor, Mr Thomas Flood, of Newtownhamilton, to Eliza, only daughter of the late Mr William Glasslough, Mineen(?).

January 15 in the Presbyterian Church of Dromora(?), by the Rev. Wm. John Patton, Mr Robert Sterling(?), of Dromore, to Miss Sarah Jane M’Kelvey, Dromora.

January 15, in the Drumlough Presbyterian Church, Mr Hugh Nelson, of Drumadoney, to Miss Scott, of Growell, Dromora, Co Down.

January 14, in St Anne’s Church, Dungannon, by the Rev. William Quain, Mr Henry Reilly, of Armagh, to Emily Mary, second daughter of Mr James Duncan, Dungannon.


January 21, of pulmonary consumption, at Ballyvester, Donaghadee, aged 20(?) years, John, eldest son of Mr Francis Connolly, for three years, Medical Scholar, Queens’ College, Belfast.

January 17, in his 82nd year, Wilson Irwin, Esq., of Kearn House, Portadown. The estimation in which he was held by his friendsand neighbours was testified by the immense ..(?) of persons which attended his remains to their final resting place.

January 20 (?)at his mother residence, Renaghon(?), Loughinisalnd, of disease of the heart, Charles C. M’Mullen(?) Esq., M.R.C.S.I., late of Donegall Street, Belfast.

January 20(?), David, youngest son of the late Mr John Spence, Ballydollaghan, aged 20 years.

January 17, Rutland(?) Square North, Dublin, Henrietta , wife of the Rev. Wm. Chichester O’Neill, Shane’s Caslte, Co Antrim, and daughter of the late Judge Torrens.

January 13(?) at his residence, Dunboe(?), James D(?), Esq., in his 37th(?) year of his age.

January 18(?), suddenly, at Hillsborough, Mr William Hanna(?), formerly a Sergeant in the 43rd(?) Light Infantry, and for many years past in the employment of the Marquis of Downshire, much and deservedly regretted.

January 18(?), the infant son of Mr. Edward Whitty, aged four months and a half.

January 16, at his residence, Glengall Place, Francis Smith, Esq. Solicitor.

January 15, at his residence, Ivy Cottage, Ballynafeigh, ( formerly of North Street), Mr Wm. C.H. Lewis, aged 56 years.

January 18(?), at Ballygoskin, Co Down, John Dobbin Wilson, in the 87th year of his age.

January 18(?), Jane’ only daughter of John Lawther, Cluntagh, Crossroads(?), Killyleagh.

January 10, at Greenmount, the Rev. Robert Thompson, Rector of Navan.

January 14, of disease of the lungs, George Hamilton, of Eden, County Donegal, Esq. J.P.

Belfast Weekly News January 31 1857:


Jane Forrest was charged by Henry Pelan with stealing the sum of £8 from him in a house of ill-fame in Green Street, on the 23rd inst. The case was remanded.
Mary Logan, Isabella Moore, and Mary Ann Mulholland, were charged by a man of colour, named John Williams, with having solen a jacket, and other articles in a house of ill-fame  in Caxton Street, on the previous night. The offence was proved clearly against Mary Logan, the keeper of the house, and the other prisoners being merely in the house at the time, were discharged. Mary Logan was sentenced to fourteen days’ imprisonment.


January 27, at 20 College Square North, the wife of James B. MacGregor, surgeon, of a son.

January 28, at Old Lodge Road, Belfast, the wife of Mr Hugh Rea, of a son.

January 24, at 12, Wilmont Terrace, Belfast, the wife of John M. Higginson, of a son.

January 24, at Greenville, the wife of N.D. Crommelin, jun. Esq., of a daughter.

At 10, Earl Street, Mrs Capt. Wm. Graham, of a son.

January 26, at Murphy Street, Belfast, the wife of Mr Thomas Freeman, of a daughter.

January 11, at 82(?), Nicholson Street, Mile-End, London, the wife of Mr Thomas Watts, of a son, stillborn.

January 22, at Durganstown, Moira, the wife of Mr John Byrne, of twin sons.

January 26, at Lisburn, the wife of Mr Thos. Sharpe, of a daughter.

January 23, at 3 Upper Crescent, the wife of Captain Harston(?), R.N., of a son.

January 19, at Rosevale, Moira, the wife of William Heron, Esq., of a son.

January 16, the wife of the Rev. Adam Montgomery, Ballycairn, of a son.

January 16, at Stangmore Lodge, County Tyrone, the wife of R.W. Lowry, jun. Esq., of a son.


January 23, in Linenhall Street Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Robt. Knox, Mr George Crawford Gillespie, Drum Bridge, to Charlotte Jemima, eldest daughter of Mr Thomas Johnston, Wellington Street.

January 20, in the Parish Church, Glenarm, by the Rev. Carlisle Courtney, James, eldest son of John Russell, Esq., Belfast, to Ellen Jervis Moore, eldest daughter of Mr John Doran, Glenarm.

January 22, at the Remonstrant Meeting- House, Templepatrick, by the Rev. John Montgomery, of Banbridge, (uncle to the bride), Henry Garrett, Esq., merchant, Belfast, to Agnes, daughter of Mr George Cunningham, Killead, Antrim.

January 10, John Pryce Hamer, Esq., Carnavon, surviving son of the late Henry Hamer, Esq., of Liverpool, to Julia, youngest daughter of the late John Iblotson(?),Esq., of Ealing, Middlesex, and of Oxford Terrace, Hyde Park.

December 23(?), at the Cathedral, in the city of St. John, Antigua, by the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of the Diocese, William Mercer, Esq., to Mary Anne Haynes, eldest daughter of Mr Edward Fegan, of Cavan.


January 29, Mr John Lundy, in his 80th(?) year.

January 29, at the residence of his son, No.6 Earl Street, Mr Thomas Ligget, aged 75 years.

January 28(?), at Killymoon Buildings, Falls Road, Frances Blacker, the beloved daughter of Graves(?) T. Aickin.

January 24, at his fathers residence, Drumadowney, near Ballyclare, after a short illness, Mr. John M’Cullough, aged 34(?) years.

January 26, at Holywood, Mr Robert Neill, aged 82(could be 32?).

January 26, at Hamilton, Margaret Jane, infant daughter of the late Robert Leadbetter, Esq., of Belfast.

January 24, Mr Cunningham M’Tier, of this town, aged 66 years.

January 24, at Holywood, Ann, daughter of Henry Garrett, Esq., of Cromac House, aged 8 years.

January 25, Agnes, daughter of John Brittain, aged nine years.

January 22, at 87(37?) Keegan Street, Catherine Anne Carroll, aged 60 years.

January 26, at Verner Street, Belfast, Mr Alexander Barr, aged 57 years.

January 20, at his residence, Grove Street, Belfast, Mr James Graham.

January 22, at his residence, Lurgan, Tolerton L. Macoun, in the 27th year of his age. Suddenly called away when entering on the cares and troubles of this life, much and deservedly regretted.

January 21, William, eldest son of Mr. Archd. Robb, sewed muslin manufacturer, Newtownards, aged 6 years.

January 21, Anna, wife of Mr Robert Chesney, Lawnview Place, Ballymena, aged 29 years.

January 24, at Hanover Place, Coleraine, in the 83rd year of her age, Hester, widow of the late Wm. Lawrence Esq., and youngest daughter of the late Major Thomas Gaylard(?), of her Majesty’s 34th Regiment of Infantry.