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Re: The International Hotel..Donegal Square
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About the late sixties a young barman from thr hotel was found dead in Malvern St and I believe was the first casualty of the troubles.It was a great place and some of the staff went onto greater things.   I know a bloke who served his apprenticeship as a assistant trainee manager and who now is the general manager of a Hilton Hotel in Arizona. ;)

That was the murder of Peter Ward a young Barman who was having a drink with three other friends after hours.
It happened on the night of the 25th June 1966. Gusty Spence was tried and convicted of the murder.
That was three years before the current troubles started.
Hope this helps.....TC
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Re: The International Hotel..Donegal Square
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Did you carry that info about with you or did you google it.It was recognised as the first paramilitary killing? :smile: Gusty was a member of the U.V.F. at the time. :smile:
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Re: The International Hotel..Donegal Square
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I worked there in the early 70s. A bit in the basement bar but also night clerk. Was working one night when the Bay City Rollers were playing Belfast. The boys stayed in hotel. Very strict band manager wouldn't let them have anything other than ham sandwiches and milk. Told sister the next day who I was talking with the previous night. She asked if I got autographs which I had not. She punched me.