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Belfast Rockabilly Roots Round-Up No. 3

Barrow Square, Clarendon Dock, Belfast June 30th-July 2nd 2006

Why not Rock around the Dock with us in Belfast this year? This is our third year of raising the roof with rockabilly music in Barrow Square. Bring yer dancing shoes!

Loud Promotions, with the support of Laganside have invited artists from the United States, Europe, the UK and Ireland to Belfast with their individual brands of modern rockabilly music as a living art form.

Rockabilly is that wild, hepped-up meeting between country & western music and early rhythm & blues which captures the manic, primal energy of the genre.  Rockabilly - that mixture of blues, country, hillbilly and gospel music that came together and started the musical revolution we now know as rock n roll.

With outdoor stage Saturday and Sunday and great pub gigs

We also have stalls specialising in clothes, T-shirts, records, all of the vintage variety.

With rockin DJs Billy Lee ( Dublin)

And Gerry Robinson ( Belfast)

Artists playing at the weekender:

Latino-rocker/crooner Pep Torres, from Hollywood, CA, plays his own blend of 50s style rock & roll, rockabilly, doo-wop, and rhythm and blues. Pep puts on an incredible show of highly energetic and danceable numbers as well as tender ballads, emphasizing his uniqueness by singing in both English and Spanish! (US)

Annita and the Starbombers- This Dutch diva is well known for her work with the Austin Playboys and as guest singer with the Paladins. Big Sandy calls her one of Hollands greatest natural resources, Hacienda Bros, Dave Gonzalez  labels her  Wanda Jackson meets Loretta Lynn. From western swing to country, rockabilly to blues, this gal can do it all. ( Holland)

The authentic music of The Barnstompers is based on the late forties and early fifties traditional American Country-Boogie, Western-Swing, Honky Tonk and Rockabilly. The excellent combination of musicianship and vocals make The Barnstompers such an exciting band to see live. Lets call it Swingbilly.
( Holland)

Neo rockabillies Restless have been together for 25 years now and they are back to the original line-up of Mark Harman, his brother Paul and Ben Cooper. To see a Restless show is like being transported back to '58 and seeing a frantic performance from Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps. The energy and wildness is palpable. The band is unique, dynamic and talented. If you feel like a hard drivin, adrenalin-fueled experience, get yourself to Belfast for what promises to be a kick-ass show. ( England)

Charlie Thompson is the real deal - true vintage Hillbilly Music - you'll find yourself in disbelief that the voice you're listening to is a young vocal maestro from England recording in this style 50 years later! He perfectly recreates the great songs of hillbilly and country from the 40s and 50s. ( England)

Belfast roots perennial faves The Sabrejets-hard boiled, no holds barred, no punches pulled, low-down white-knuckled, revved up hot rodded rockabilly from Belfast's greaser kings. The biggest and baddest band to come out of Belfast. Screaming guitars and lots of attitude are what we love about this this outfit. ( Belfast)

Tennessee HotShots - Scotland's finest, Martin Barrett and his boys will be in Belfast for a hillbilly blasted rocket fired experience. Mixing up vintage country sounds with an essence all their own, this promises to be a highlight of this rockin weekender. (Scotland)

Aces Wild- From the Liffey Delta, Aces Wild are a staple of the Dublin rockabilly scene. This  hot rockin' trio play  traditional rockabilly with that shot of Aces Wild magic.   With wailin' guitar,  dawghouse bass, this band are a hard working outfit playing infectious rockabilly. ( Dublin)

The Madcatz were formed in March 03 in Belfast. They play rockabilly in a classic trio format. Watch out for that hard hitting thumping bass, crazy licks & that kickin' rhythm on the skins. ( Belfast)

With outdoor stage Saturday and Sunday and great  pub gigs

With rockin DJs Billy Lee ( Dublin )

And Gerry Robinson ( Belfast )

Loud Promotions
45 Bayside Park
Dublin 13
Tel: +3531 839 6428