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Belfast Department Stores
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1960 Directory of Belfast and Northern Ireland

Anderson & McAuley Ltd. 1 - 7, Donegall Place.
Directors: Major David M. Anderson, LLD., DL. (Chairman), Mrs J. M. Anderson,
Colin A. J. Anderson and Allen W. Anderson. Company Secretary .. T. R. Scott.

John Arnott & Co (of Belfast) Ltd. 26 - 32, High Street
Directors: Major David M. Anderson, LLD., DL, E. Stanley, S. M. MacDonald and Colin A. J. Anderson.

Brands and Normans Ltd. 18 - 26, Castle Lane
Directors: H. Moore Brand, James Campton, W. Herbert Wilson and Peter M. Brand.
Company Secretary ... James Campton.

J. A. Robb & Co. Ltd. 1 - 15, Castle Place
Directors: M. H. Price (MD), C. L. Connell, ACA (Asst MD), G. W. Ervine and J. I. Moreland
Company Secretary ... A. H. McCulloch ACA.

Robinson & Cleaver Ltd. Royal Irish Linen House. Donegall Place
Directors: E. Astaire, J. J. Astaire, C. Burkeman, H. W. Duxbury (MD), C. A. Lyon
Company Secretary ... P. G. Berryman
Branches: Regent Street, London; Bold Street, Liverpool & Westover Road, Bournemouth

Sinclairs Ltd. 97, Royal Avenue
Directors: Frederick Sinclair Collier, Mary Evelyn Haswell, Vernon Sinclair Collier and Mervyn Sinclair Collier