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Re: Belfast Orphanages
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Hi I was in St Josephs Babies home but when I was there in 1989 the age of 7 to 1994 when I left at the age of 12 we called it St. Josephs childrens home...  which was along time ago but to this day I always wondered how it was shut down I know Nazareth house beside us horrible things happened there we used to go over to chapekl every Sunday until one day it totally stopped and we started going to Good Shepard .. we were very lucky  none of that happened in St. Josephs from what I know I was only ever in one unit the younger I know there were three.. ive always wondered what happened to the children when it shut down..I remember some of the staff there Mark McKimmons Adele Patricia Ray Connie Mcvey she was the nicest one there I finally moved out when I was 12 but to this day ive always wondered about some of the kids there and how their lives turned out it was sad seeing people come and go.. if anyone was there at that time I would love to hear from yous   :) :)


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Re: Belfast Orphanages
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Welcome to the Forum Highdreamer.

I have no experience or knowledge with regard to your post,however,it was most interesting to read.

I hope life,in your later years has been kind and good to you.

God Bless.



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Re: Belfast Orphanages
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Hi Folks.

Hopefully someone can help a newbie in distress - lol!

Wonder if anyone would be able to tell me the name of names and addresses of orphanages (probably catholic) in Belfast from between 1902 - 1920 ?

At the moment I'm trying to find out any info regarding EDWARD FRANCIS MURRAY. I think Edward may have been illegitimate. Perhaps he was registered with his mother's maiden name (Murray??) He could of course be the child of a protestant father and catholic mother and that is why he was in an orphanage.

The information I have on Edward Murray (my G/Father on the paternal side) is from his marriage cert.
Edward got married on the 6th August 1927, at Holy Cross RC Church, Standish Point, Liverpool. Aged 25. Address is 29 Marlborough Street, Liverpool, that Edward was residing at (this was my Nan's family home).   

My paternal grandparents' marriage is:
Marriages Sept 1927
Dilworth Annie L Murray Liverpool 8b 316
Murray Edward F Dilworth Liverpool 8b 316
Edward's Father's name was Michael Murray (deceased,that's what it said on the marr cert) & that Michael had been a Dock Laborer (that's what it said on the marr cert)

However as a child I'd been led to believe that Edward has spent his childhood in a Belfast orphanage!

 Also what's your opinion on this info I found last night?
  Name: Edward Murray
  Registration district: Belfast
  Record type: BIRTHS
  Registration date - quarter and year: Oct - Dec 1903
  Estimated birth year:
  Mother surnames:
  Film number: 101069
  Volume: 1
  Page: 384
  Digital GS number: 4193983
  Image number: 00577
  Collection: Ireland, Civil Registration Indexes 1845-1958.
Many many thanks in advance
Regards Nicky x

Hi Nicky

I am told there was a mother and baby nursing home in Chichester Park, of the Antrim Road in Belfast called St Joseph's or The Palace. I am trying to trace relations from 1920's. I have been trying for a few years now to gain some information on this place myself. but, to no avail.



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Re: Belfast Orphanages
« Reply #63 on: May 17, 2019, 07:54:47 PM »
We brought home a boy every year from the Nazareth Lodge when I was a young lad, we didn't have much but we shared, his name was Tony Bradley...I hope and pray everything went well for him in life


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Re: Belfast Orphanages
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I was inst Joseph's kids home beside Nazareth lodge 1979-1984 would love to hear from anyone else who was there then . I was in sister johns group , she was a lovely woman for a nun.if anyone has old pictures would love to catch up. Also read a post someone looking for Tony Bradley , he live in North Parade just of the Ravenhill rd not far from where Nazareth lodge used to be , hope that's of some help


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Re: Belfast Orphanages
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Tony Bradley died about 2 years ago