Author Topic: Guys who built the Titanic  (Read 10951 times)

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Re: Guys who built the Titanic
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The first man to die on the Titanic is buried in the old part of Carnmoney cemetery. It was one of the first burials there.
Not available in Northern Ireland.


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Re: Guys who built the Titanic
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My Great Grandad Samuel Thompson was a foundry worker and worked on the building of the Titanic...  According to his Amalgamation Of Foundry Workers membership card he joined H&W on 11th March 1912...


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Re: Guys who built the Titanic
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Family legend has it that my Great Grandfather was a riveter on the building of the Titanic.
 Going by the 1911 Irish Census he lived in Pitt Street East Belfast.


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Re: Guys who built the Titanic
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love it!!  


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Re: Guys who built the Titanic
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My grandfather, William Henry Adair, was an iron turner in H & W at the time of the Three Sisters. He would have made various engine shafts as well as the propeller shafts fore and aft of the thrust block. I’ve seen one photo of the turning shop and as you might expect, it was huge , the lathe spindle having to be 20 maybe 30yards away from the lathe in
order to take such a long shaft. If the man on the previous shift didn’t want to do the final cut or tolerance, he was said to be “cutting wind” all shift. To make a mess of that final cut was probably a sackable offence. He also did work for the
Doric, Oceanic and the tender in the dry-dock in those years. My father was born in 1904 and grandfather took him down to the yard at the launch of Titanic. My father was later to become an electrician in the yard and most of his
work was on the Arroll gantries and would have been D.C. rather than A.C. and supplied from Harlands own power-
Station. I used to have some of grandfathers tools such as calipers, lathe cutting tools and a spirit-level set in a
right-angle tool, but the toolbox it was in was stolen rom my garage. >:D