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I've noticed one or two queries on various forums about orphanages in Belfast in the 1900s.

A message on RootsChat 9th December 2006 asks about an orphanage on the Lisburn Road. Children in this orphanage, on reaching their fourteenth birthday, were sent to Australia to work on sheep farms. There are several organisations in Britain, two in the Republic of Ireland and the Presbyterian Orphan Society in Belfast
who assist former child migrants to find family members.

A message on Rootsweb 23rd August 2002 mentions the Good Shepherd on the Ormeau Road.
It also asks about one at the end of the Ravenhill Road. A reply on the same date mentioned Nazareth Lodge.

A query on the Workhouse Guestbook on 15th February 2006 mentions Joseph Kane of No. 6 Mountview Street
in North Belfast who may have been involved in the founding of the Workhouse on the Lisburn Road.

The Appletree Press in Belfast published a book in 1985 by M. B. Arnold & H. Laskey.
It was called "Children of the Poor Clares: The Story of an Irish Orphanage."

There are some papers about the "Orphans sent to Australia from Irish workhouses."
These have been deposited at the Public Records Office, Balmoral Avenue, Belfast