Author Topic: Austin's veg shop off Botanic Avenue  (Read 6977 times)


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Re: Austin's veg shop off Botanic Avenue
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I think you may be confusing Botanic avenue and Bradbury place. The funny wee place with the turret is known as Bradbury buildings and it abuts the railway line (buildings built in 1932, architect J D Gordon)
Last time i was in Belfast I saw they had boxed in the railway line west of Botanic avenue, perhaps with intention of making building space or maybe just a car park
One thing I have not seen anywhere in the post is mention of Garvey College (although I am not 100% sure about the name) It was on the east side, on the corner before university st and seemed to be something like a secretarial school for young ladies.
True story, and only in Belfast. ....There was a wee home bakery on corner of Posnett St. Because of the slope over the bridge they had room for a basement and it later (around 1980) became a greek restaurant for a while. My wife and i were in there one night and two drunks were at the next table. Instead of glasses they had placed stoneware goblets on the tables and they were turned upside down to stay clean. The drunks kept trying to pour drink into the little shallow depression on the base and it was spilling everywhere. They called the (greek) manager over to complain and he gently took the goblet, turned it the right way up and poured a decent drink.
One drunk stared at him for a full minute and then said "[censored] funny guy eh ?"


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Re: Austin's veg shop off Botanic Avenue
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Thanks Biffer for clarifying my memory! It does get cloudy with time.


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Re: Austin's veg shop off Botanic Avenue
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I remember Dixie well

So many things that I could not understand from back then.

Dixie had served in the police in Malaysia check out wikipedia Malayan emergency (new member - I can't post links) which is where he had met Esme (who was catholic) I can't remember the son's name but I used to see him and his mum at Mass in St Malachy's in the mid to late seventies.

I remember the boy (surprisingly to me) went to Methody.

My family used to visit relatives in Fermanagh and we would come back into Belfast via the upper malone and my dad would detour so that we could see the Lord Mayor's ceremonial lights which were placed outside his residence as an honour.

Consequently  I remember when he was Lord Mayor of Belfast and they put the two ceremonial lights outside the shop - I always thought it hilarious.