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Marcus Ward & Co., Belfast, London, New York
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Marcus Ward, was the manager of his family's paper manufacturing mill in Comber, Co. Down. In 1833 he moved to Belfast where he established a wholesale stationery business in the town. This became so successful that in 1842 the firm moved to larger premises and added lithographic printing and bookbinding to its activities. The firm continued to expand as Marcus Ward and Co. after Marcus's death in 1847. In 1866, the company received a commission from Mr Josiah Goodall to lithograph, for his firm, a set of four Christmas cards designed by C. H. Bennett, and in the following year another set by the same artist. Marcus Ward & Co had become one of the largest printing and publishing companies in the United Kingdom in the 1880s. However, by the mid-1890s the business ran into difficulties and eventually went into liquidation in 1901.

Source: Ulster Museum website