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RSPH Food Hygiene & Safety Courses Belfast HRD Services

1 Day

sampleFoundation Certificate in Food Hygiene - Level 2

This qualification is designed principally for those who are, or intend to be, food handlers. A food handler is any person, in any type of food business, who handles food, whether open or packaged (food includes drinks and ice). This qualification may also be appropriate for people whose work requires them to enter food premises, e.g. equipment maintenance engineers, off-site business owners/managers and delivery personnel. The aim of this qualification is to provide a basic knowledge of food hygiene.

3 Day

Intermediate Certificate in Food Safety - Level 3

This qualification is designed principally for those who are, or intend to be, supervisors and potential managers of food handlers. It has been designed to ensure that supervisors and potential managers are aware that, in addition to traditional hygienic practices, they should seek to identify and prevent food safety hazards at all stages in food production, preparation and service, thus enabling them, and the staff they manage, to operate in a safe, hygienic and efficient manner.

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