Author Topic: Doormen and Doorwomen at Belfast Clubs.  (Read 64796 times)


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Re: Doormen and Doorwomen at Belfast Clubs.
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Oh and I say this having lost a dear friend Big George, who was a doorman, some ten years ago.

George was 6'8 and bore a striking resemblance to Vitali Klitscko, though he was English. He was paying his way through university. Along came some local hood who demanded to have the 3 entrance fee waived. George refused him entrance. Said hood left , only to return with his pitbull terrier ten minutes later. He unleashed the dog on Big George and while George was fighting off the dog, the owner knifed him 14 times. He is still in prison for the murder, as he had countless previous form.


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Re: Doormen and Doorwomen at Belfast Clubs.
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I used to work as a waiter in The Abercorn during the early 1970s and there was great craic as well as great entertainment. One of the waiters who worked there was a rotund guy in his late 40s called Terry Milligan. If fights broke out he would calm everybody down, and chuck out if he needed to. I found out later that as someone said to me, he was the best boxer Ireland ever had, and had boxed in the Olympic Games. Walking back  to his car in the wee hours all the policemen knew him and said hello. He was a well known doorman in the city. There was quite a few idiots who underestimated him and tried to engage him in fisticuffs - boy did they regret it. Google him. A real genuine Belfast character, and thoroughly nice bloke.


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Doormen and Doorwomen at Belfast Clubs
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