Author Topic: The Dunville Family and Dunville Whiskey  (Read 974 times)


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The Dunville Family and Dunville Whiskey
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John Dunville (1785-1851), the founder of Dunville & Co., came from a humble background and started his working life as an apprentice. Dunville & Co. flourished as the chairmanship of the firm was passed from father to son or nephew through five generations of Dunvilles, for whom it funded a lavish lifestyle. The fifth generation suffered the tragedies of two early deaths and the company was liquidated in 1936 when it was still a going concern.

The Dunville website contains an article, published in the Belfast Telegraph on Wednesday 16th February 1910, about Mr  J. D. Dunville, of Holywood, Co. Down, who accomplished a daring and successful flight across the Irish Channel in his balloon "St Louis."