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Re: Hugh Whiteside WW1
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             I  was researching my mates Whiteside family tree and I have the records on four Whiteside families in Belfast unfortunately I do not have anything on yours. A Joe Kingsberry Whiteside in the USA has traced his family back to the 1600 of course it cost him a lot of money.The Whiteside Family History Association has pages of info on the Whitesides in Ireland  and they would encourage a Male Whiteside to have a DNA
Joe is originally from East Belfast although his links go to Antrim and Lancashire in England ,they possibly came over with the weaving industry
A Prof Don Whiteside of Canada  had copied all the Whiteside Births,Marriages and Deaths in Ireland I have a copy of his CD,but it did not show a death for William Gilbert Whiteside ,never the less a William .G. Whiteside is buried in the City Cemetery died aged 36 years 28th March 1902 the owner of the grave is Thomas Bailey . William .G. address was 18 Carson Street I dont know if that matches the 1901 census ?
I see a Jane Whiteside nee Bailie married a Frank Neill on the 19th October 1904 at Trinity Church of Ireland .
I hope this is of some use?




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Re: Hugh Whiteside WW1
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Thank you very much for the information Palmal.

It looks as though Hugh wasn't married before he died in WW1.  However his younger brother James Whiteside (on the 1911 Census he is James Neill) had 3 sons. Roy who went to Australia, Jimmy who went to Canada, and Hugh who stayed in Belfast.

I can't thank you enough for going the extra mile for me.

- Jen
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Re: Hugh Whiteside WW1
« Reply #17 on: August 06, 2014, 12:00:33 PM »
Hi Jen,
I may have more information on the Hugh Whiteside you are looking for as he was my uncle, if you would like to reply please don't hesistate as i would enjoy discussing this with you.
Many thanks -
Maureen Whiteside

Robert J Bailie

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Re: Hugh Whiteside WW1
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Hi Jen

There is a bit more information on Hugh Whiteside the Maple Leaf Legacy site

Robert J Bailie

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Re: Hugh Whiteside WW1
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hi guys just reading through your posts about the whiteside/Bailey/bailie family's I am the great granddaughter of James Bailey/bailie I have also been to city cementry also in the grave is Hugh Bailey/bailie also his wife Margaret nee mccleary and Thomas their son I have done a Dna test which is on ancestry.
Any new info would be amazing


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Re: Hugh Whiteside WW1
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Hugh Whiteside was my granny’s (Mary Jane Smith nee Whiteside) older brother. My recollection of him from talking to granny was that he visited her in Belfast before he went to France/Belgium. He said if he had known what she was like he would never have left Belfast. My granny was a remarkable and gracious wee woman who died on 20 June 2000, aged 107. She lived on her own until she was 105.