Author Topic: 1893 Osborne Methodist Church, Balmoral Avenue - Silver Trowel  (Read 1757 times)


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My name is Elizabeth Jane Taylor.  I was born in Lisburn in 1961 and emigrated to Canada with my family a few years later.

Iím on a mission Ė I inherited a silver trowel originally given to my great-great grandmother in 1893, when the corner stone was laid for the Osborne Methodist Church on Balmoral Avenue in Belfast.  There were six other identical trowels handed out the same day.

I know the church was eventually decommissioned and taken down. 

Iíve always wondered what happened to the other six trowels. I think it would be a neat project to try and find them and document how theyíve been passed down through the families.

Iíve created a web page with details about the trowel, the original ceremony, etc.

Do you have a website, guestbook, newsletter or blog where I could put a listing of my page, to see if I could find some of the other six trowels or in actual fact, the current owners of the six other trowels could find me!?

Iíve had great fun finding the Staffordís & Prattís in all the directories on the LennonWylie site. Iíve also found the 1911 census record for the Pratt family (my motherís mother was 3 at the time of the census!)

Iíve also contacted the Irish Methodist organisation, PRONI and the West Belfast Historic Society.

I also remember my grandmother having an article on the 50th anniversary of the church, but we canít find the article. The photos at the bottom of the web page were taken at the 50th anniversary.

Any help or leads you could provide would be appreciated.