Author Topic: Belfast Girls' Model 1964/65  (Read 6943 times)


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Re: Belfast Girls' Model 1964/65
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Oh yes I remember the flat! I can remember cleaning it but not cooking. My family always thought I was dreaming when I mentioned that. "What! Way back then?!" Yes I remember Miss Ferris's severe haircut but I'm afraid I didn't learn much from her class. We used to think they were all quite old!  The PE teachers - Miss Telford and Miss Irwin or Irvine. I could be confusing that with Carr's Glen but I don't think so. Miss Irwin/Irvine was distinctive looking in that she had a broad nose bridge which made her eyes look wide apart but she was nice looking. I saw her in town one day years later and realised just how young she was! I think we got a good education at the Model in those days due to very dedicated teachers. How time flies, feels like another world!!


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Re: Belfast Girls' Model 1964/65
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Any of the former Girls Model girls remember Mavis Holohan.
She’s my aunt and I would guess she was there possibly ‘59 to ‘64 ?
Before that I think she went to Wheatfield Primary.