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Church Pews required in France
« on: February 21, 2007, 10:10:02 AM »
In September 2006 the villages of Ginchy and Guillemont, in the Somme region of France, joined together
to commemorate the corageous efforts and grievous losses of the 16th Irish Division to liberate both villages from German occupation in September 1916. The fighting claimed the lives of over 1,100 Irishmen. On the 9th
of September the names of the Irish dead were read by the Mayor of Guillemont, Didier Samain, and Councillors. Later commemoration services were held at the Guillemont and Ginchy churches and at the site known as the Ginchy Telegraph where the battle was won. 

Mayor Samain expressed his desire to fill his refurbished church at Guillemont with church benches from Ireland. The commemoration organisers are now appealing for donations of benches for use in the Guillemont church. The use of church benches from Ireland will enhance the status of Guillemont church as a significent site of Ireland's Great War memory.

Later this year a number of concerts will be held in both the north and south of Ireland to raise funds for the transport of the benches which will be presented as a gift to the churches and the people of Guillemont and Guinchy.

Anyone who is in a position to donate benches please contact Harry Beattie on his mobile at 07845 987860.

Harry posted a letter to the Belfast Telegraph which was signed by Harry, Dr Tom Quinn and Yvonne McEwen.
I phoned Harry this morning and asked if it would be OK to post it on the forum and he said "That would be fantastic." I hope some members may be able to assist or know of someone who might be able to assist.