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1900s - Co. Down people leave for New Lanark
« on: February 24, 2007, 04:21:50 AM »
I've recently posted a couple of messages about New Lanark and the Mill there on Glasgow Forum. There have been many queries on various genealogy sites about ancestors who travelled to Britain seeking work. Thanks to my two posts, and a message from Cricket who is a new member on the Glasgow site, some Forum members may be able to spot a few of their ancestors.   

In the late 1700s David Dale, the son of a grocer and prosperous cloth merchant, built a new village, (eventually 2500 people lived and worked there), called New Lanark which was centered around his new mill factories. It is difficult to appreciate the impact these must have had at the time; many of the families who worked in them came from the Highlands looking for a better life after the clearances and must surely never have seen buildings so large with so many floors.

I have been on  Dromore site today, sorry i do not have the rest of the link, but i am sure if you type in Dromore you will find it.
it tells you about the Irish workers that came to work in the mill and how the Scotts greeted them with kindness :) 

Thanks for mentioning that Dromore link, Cricket. It's from Raymond's Co. Down website. 

It's an extremely useful site as it mentions the names of a number of people from that area of Co. Down who left Ireland to seek work at the New Lanark mills. There are too many for me to mention all of them so if members think their ancestors came from Co. Down it would be worth their while to look at the link which includes extracts from a ledger in New Lanark Mill of some of the names of people from Northern Ireland who came to work in the Mills in the early 1900s. It's one of those sites where you have music while you work.