Author Topic: ALEXANDER family .. Ballyeaston / Ballyclare, Co. Antrim  (Read 2739 times)


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ALEXANDER family .. Ballyeaston / Ballyclare, Co. Antrim
« on: June 11, 2006, 10:21:32 PM »
I am trying to link Alexander Erskine Alexander born 1879 in Ballyeaston Co Antrim with Barnett, Christie and McAuley families.

Alexander Erskine Alexander's siblings were:
James Alexander born 1870
Thomas E. Alexander born 1875
Martha C. Alexander born 1877
Mary Alexander born 1883

The parents of these Alexanders were Andrew and Janet (nee Erskine)

I understand all these Alexanders lived and died in the north of Ireland.
They may have moved to Donaghadee, Co, Down and later lived in the Belfast area


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Re: ALEXANDER family .. Ballyeaston / Ballyclare, Co. Antrim
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Your Erskins are conected to the Sherrards. .but have you any knowledge of any of your family connected to the sea at any time.
or Jersey or London.....slave trade ,cotton trade,or St Helena. .McQuoid and Johnstons  irish merchants of scots yard in London  .Henry Haslett. .William Whittle...

I am   going round and round in circles here...


Hiya Steve,

There were connections with the sea on the Norwegian side.

I always felt Ballyeaston/Ballyclare was a bit far from the sea but when you think about it if you were at sea most of the year you might be sick of the sight of it so Ballyeaston/Ballyclare might not be too far.

Mum's Dad, Alexander Erskine Alexander, made money in the coal business around the time of World War I.
I think he was the first person in the family in the coal business. I do not know how he made the money
as I thought there were several people, eg Kellys, who were well established. I suppose he could have been gambling buying at a low price a few years prior to the war and then selling when the price rose. I think the term for that is "dealing in commodities"

I was told he owned a barge but a Barque would make more sense. Would one ship be sufficient to import coal and make your fortune?

I did hear mention of Johnston relations. I thought they were the Johnstons of Lurgan though. Mother taught at Miss Laws in Lurgan in the late 1920s / 30s I heard she stayed with relations whilst there which, if Johnstons were related would point that way, but during my life time as far as I recall the only relative other than mother's sisters (and their families of course) I met was her cousin Doreen Scott White (nee Phillips) who came over from Canada on a regular basis. Doreen had lived on Bloomfield Avenue (the one that runs from Newtownards Road to the Beersbridge Road).  Doreen's Dad, Russell Phillips, was a Master Mariner who worked for the Head Line and died at sea. Doreen and her mother emigrated to Canada shortly after his death.