Author Topic: Home Networks Installed Wireless Network, Wired, doesn't matter Any similar work  (Read 4675 times)


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I can install for you your broadband router and connect it up to any device you like, pc, laptop, xbox, ipod etc

Can also install computer cabling around your home or office, into yourgarage / garden shed, anywhere you like and connect it back onto theinternet for you.

Can make you up patch leads of any length, straight or crossover.

All latest wireless security and mac filtering can be set up for yourwireless and cabling jobs installed very neatly and out of sight whenpossible.

If you need any phone lines added or moved I can do that for you also,or want sky tv in another room or dishes aerials done that's no problem.

Can also build small websites, complete with flash animations and sort out any computer problem you might have.

Give me a shout if you need any of the above or anything like it on 07775916668 or at mark206000 AT if you like.

Thank you.  :smile: