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Re: Hardinge Street CBS
« Reply #120 on: November 04, 2018, 04:40:52 PM »
Doyler I think I may have been in your class as I was in Pavlo and Bobby Campbell class.
What a marvellous night for a Moondance


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Re: Hardinge Street CBS
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Hi Dickie. I don't remember anyone with that moniker so I'm guessing it was different at school. Do you still live in North Belfast? I didn't stray very far in fact I live much closer to the old school now than I did then. Both my kids went to Park Lodge and now my granddaughter does.


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Re: Hardinge Street CBS
« Reply #122 on: November 07, 2018, 11:52:15 AM »
From my time:
S Hicks English
M Crossey Art
M Rafferty Maths
P Catney French
H Largey TD
B Monaghan Nut
P McKenna Geography
M Wynne Arts
B Gibson
B Beausang
E Magennis? WW
McMahon PL

Great help to me, even if I did'nt think it at the time!
Classmates too many names Tojo Jamie Dodger ring a bell!

here's hoping


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Re: Hardinge Street CBS
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 I found this forum of late and did it bring me down memory lane as best as ican remember iwas there from about 1967 till about 1971 and consider them the best days of my life some of the guys who were there, Marty Hill Eamon Largey Gussy Eastwood, John Walsh his cousin Mickey Walsh FRanky Campbell Andy Pedlow Arty Dalzell  one of the Livingstones from the lower falls Jimmy Brown (RIP) Kev Canavan, Robby Kerr Big McGarry from Ardoyne his mate Dessie Montgomery, there were loads more but old age forbids me from remembering them maybe they will come to me later some of the teachers I recall were Br colbert Bro Jennings Bro Hynes Bro Quinlan Bro Ennis  Mr Savage wee Ted my nemisis McBrearty wee Basil big Sid Mr Coyle thats all i can recall, if any of my oul classmates read this i would love to hear from them wat a school i think it was the only place in life that  learned anything I am originally from Carrickhill,