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While i enjoy the Forum and the many different topics   we have the same on the Exiles_Files  ,agreements and disagreements but we have a lot of long time members who  have got to know each other pretty well through the emails and photos and  many folks in different parts of the world  and  have visited other countries where we have members have been put up a day or two by friendly Exiles .Couple of years ago we visited a member up in BC.  and had a great time .  So  yea we may be like  a   big club   but  it's great to have that bond  with folk who left the old country  many, many years ago from all over N.I.  and me being from the pride of Ulster, East Belfast have met many folk who knew folk i knew and vice versa so it is a small world   via the internet and  i enjoy the Forum also where  a few have  recognized my name  so if your still in Ulster , great,  but for us Exiles it's great to hear from you all  and keep up the good work .                All  the best, Stan.
Stan Sloan.