Author Topic: John and Mary Byrne, 100 Brompton Park, Ardoyne 1940-50's  (Read 782 times)


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John and Mary Byrne, 100 Brompton Park, Ardoyne 1940-50's
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My name is Jacqueline Ellen Cassidy, born Ardoyne 19/04/1957. I am looking for family members of John and Mary Byrne - my grandparents. My mother Eileen DOB 26/04/1934 was their daughter,she married my father Tommy Cassidy also from Brompton Park. Eileen would be 77 now. She had one sister, Susan Byrne who married an Italian and moved to America. A brother Joe Byrne who was in the marines and moved to England (swindon?) I know that in 1962 Joe and his wife had 3 sons, approx ages 4,6 and 8, all under 10yrs old, I think one was named Sean? My mum had one other younger brother called Anthony Byrne. Mary Byrne died in Brompton Park, Ardoyne maybe in the 50's. John Byrne was last known to be in Wester Hailes,Edinburgh in 1975. Any one with any information please contact me.Thankyou - God Bless,Jackie
Jackie Cassidy, born Ardoyne 1957. Father Tommy Cassidy, 111 Brompton Park, Mother Eileen Byrne 100 Brompton Park. Any info welcome please.