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Re: Belfast Flower Sellers
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I remember these two ladys in the photo very well. It was my granny who sold the flowers in cornmarket outside the entrance to the old Mooneys. She moved their in the seventies after years at the City Hall


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Re: Belfast Flower Sellers
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Hi am Laura  :P


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Re: Belfast Flower Sellers
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Hi, I am interested in finding information or relatives connected to Annie Barr & her sister Nellie McGuiness the flower sellers in Belfast.
I see from other posts on the forum that family members have posted.
I am researching the Neeson family & have information on Mary Neeson & her sister Susan.
Mary married James OíNeill in St. Peters in 1891 & they had a daughter Sarah who moved to France in the 1920s.
Susan married James Barr in St. Peters in 1901 & their daughter Annie Barr lived in France for a time with her cousin Sarah OíNeill.
Some other names Iím interested in are Margaret Graham, Jimmy Reid, his sister Mary Reid & his aunt Bella McAlay.
Jimmy Reid travelled to France with Sarah OíNeill.
They were connected to the linen industry & were making handkerchiefs in a village in France.
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