Author Topic: I think Belfast Forum should taint itself with common advertiseing !!  (Read 2346 times)


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This site is wasted in a dark corner !!! Chris get it advertised and push it to where it should be. The difinative place to get your information. You are doing a brilliant job !! Keep it up. Fascinating !!! :o :o
Cheer up !! It could be better !!!


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Actually Addy I've already done some small scale advertising on Google. Enter 'belfast message board' and you will see a sponsored link to Belfast Forum. Don't click it though as it costs me a couple of pence each time.

Trouble is advertising cost . And with the site itself not making any money I can't really justify spending any more. Belfast Forum is free, and always will be.

The best way of advertising the forum and getting more members is to get more links from other Belfast related websites. That costs nothing. After all there are over 700,000 websites with Belfast in the title (Google for 'insubject:belfast'). I've already done a fair bit of that already but it takes a lot of time. It would be easier with a collective effort. If each of us spends some time emailing website owners asking for a link to Belfast Forum then more and more people will join us. And the more links a site has, the higher up the search engine listings the site will be.


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Chris I googled "belfast message board" and saw the sponsored link. Then I googled Belfast Forum and added the names of various members after those words. Addy, you are famous :D You are a star of Google :D