Author Topic: St Patricks College Knock Gilnahirk  (Read 46903 times)

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Re: St Patricks College Knock Gilnahirk
« Reply #300 on: February 02, 2019, 08:25:03 PM »
Bill, I have a clear conscience which is why I sleep so soundly! :D
I remember when I woke up, I was told of the engineering feat involved in transferring the train from the Spanish gauge to the French one, but engineering is not my bag!
You certainly touched lucky with your trip to Spain, certainly sounds like a great experience.


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Re: St Patricks College Knock Gilnahirk
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I was at St. Pats for just two years from either 70 or 71. I wasn't academic and found it very difficult and left before I got dropped. I remember the odd name on here.
I lived in the Braniel then and walked to school through the estate with Marty Lynch. His older brother Paul has had a few mentions so far. I was in the same class as Michael Eccles and was shocked to read that he died. A few other names are, James Sisk ...from Kircubbin I think. John Coney who's da was the bar manager in the Drumkeen. He was left handed and wrote the best letters in forehand for when we bunked off.  A big lad called Bumble. John Walsh who swapped boots with me when we played Gaelic. Aforementioned Michael Eccles who fought tooth and nail not to play Gaelic.
I'd love to see the big photo that was taken in the quadrangle in front of baldy Joes portacabin.


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Re: St Patricks College Knock Gilnahirk
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You must have been in my class. I was "headless". I didn't realise Michael Eccles had died? James Sisk, Bumble, John Coney, Joe Bean were all in my class.