Author Topic: Wanted - Information about film made in Hilltown, Co. Down in 1933  (Read 2374 times)


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The film "General John Regan" was made in Hilltown in 1933. Louisa Blackburn has been searching for a copy of this film for some time. She has tried all the usual channels and has had very little success. Does anyone know of a person who collects old films or of someone who may be able to assist Louisa? The film crew stayed at the Downshire Arms Hotel which, at that time, was owned by her Grandparents, Joseph and Louisa Blackburn. Louisa has two large photographs taken outside the Downshire Arms Hotel, one with her Grandmother and Father and her Aunt Moya and one of the film crew all sitting in, or on, an American Hudson automobile. A Sunbeam car is also shown in the picture