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Charity Calendar
« on: September 04, 2011, 09:37:28 PM »
Planning on producing a charity calendar, it's going to be a male one with hopefully companies/communities/groups/teams supporting each months photo.

Obviously because it's for charity, we're keeping costs down and looking for a photographer to volunteer their services and their time.
I don't know much about photography BUTTT I'm looking for some that has professional shoot lights and all their own kit.

No dates or anything are set yet, it might need done over 2 days or 2 weekends when it suits everyone.
But as the photographer, really it will all revolve around your availability.

This may appeal to someone who is looking to build their portfolio and is maybe looking experience.
Your name/details etc will be printed somewhere on the calendar so you will also be recognised for your work as it is going to be massively appreciated.

I'm not sure if response to this will be great- its all new- but we will probably need to meet and talk about it all first to sort out availability/ideas etc etc etc!

Also looking for companies/communities/groups/teams etc who are willing to show support and pose for a photo in the calendar.
Maybe youre a rugby team, football, a band, a shop, a chess team (?!), a bar/pub, a restaurant, window cleaners, the list is endless....

Dates are not arranged... just at the very early stages of getting things sorted.

I would love to see enthusiasm from the community to get involved in this, its fun, risqué, a bit cheeky and all for a fantastic cause!

Whatever/whoever you are, your business/group/logo etc will be printed on 'your' months photo so you will have advertisement.

Now, what I also require is, if you're willing to partake in this craziness, that you're also willing to promote the calendar. That could be by selling it in your shop, telling your friends/family about it, selling it in your bar etc get the point!