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Re: Jazz .. Modern and Contemporary
« Reply #15 on: December 09, 2006, 08:06:41 AM »
Hiya Mageeka, thanks for those band line ups. I think there used to be a drummer called Tony Martin but cannot recall the band with which he played. You'll be sad to hear that Comptons Jazz Club (formerly Miss Foster's School of Dancing) at the corner of Windsor Avenue / Lisburn Road has been knocked down to make way for an apartment block.

Mageeka, the more formal name for Miss Foster's was the Windsor School of Dancing. It was located at 136, Lisburn Road. Eddie McIlwaine asked for the names of the sisters who ran it and got a reply after nine years. It's amazing how long people hold on to their old Teles. It might have been lining a drawer. Eddie described them as aristocratic sisters. The reply came from Stanley England, originally from Belfast, now in Claygate, Esher, Surrey. It appears Stanley does not understand about sisters as he told Eddie the names of the sisters were Miss Foster and Miss Taylor. I wonder if they were step sisters? Eddie now wants to know why they were called aristocratic. Is there no satisfying this guy's curiosity .. will he have to wait another nine years before he gets a reply to this question? Stanley also mentioned Ronnie McCrea who played the drums in the Opera House Orchestra. Ronnie's been living in London and played for a twenty year period at the Royal Opera House at Covent Garden. 


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Re: Jazz .. Modern and Contemporary
« Reply #16 on: December 18, 2006, 12:48:33 AM »
The 'Spaniard' is a great wee pub. Good music, intimate with nice acoustics.

Not as good as 'the Fly' down by the Crescent used to be though. ...

Many a happy (my interpretation) Saturday afternoon!!

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