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Re: st anthonys parish east belfast
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Hey ole lad The Bell is about mate, Good you see you are too, I popped over for the day a while back before all this lock down stuff, H ad a pasty supper in the chippy almost opposite where the rooster was. A FIVER ! They had to pick me of the floor.
Looking at roses comments, we used to use that scout hall sometimes for st john ambulance training as well as harding memorial school. remember that ?
  Look after yourselves. M

good 2 hear from u m8. hope all is well over there. i joined the scouts at that hall b4 i joined st johns. as you know we used that hall down the rd b4 moving to harding. harding was a breath of fresh air to us for a while. until that gang from dromore st ran us as we went to st johns one night. dont think u was there tbh.  sorry but i dont ever think i went to the scout hall for st johns training. maybe wed been put out by then.