Author Topic: Were you born or Married in 1952? BBC Nostalgia Programme Request  (Read 1665 times)


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Hello and apologises for interrupting your forum.

My name is Mark Ferguson and I am a researcher working on a new BBC1 series looking at life in the 1950s. The programme will feature first hand interviews complimented with our rich archive from the era.

I am very keen to get some people from Northern Ireland involved and am looking for people who were born in 1952, the babyboomers really, to talk about their memories and experience throughout the 50s and 60s.

I am also trying to find some couples that were married in 1952, again to discuss their lives and how things have changed now. I'm especially keen to speak to people who were involved in the second world war before they were married.

If anyone is interested in having a chat I would love to hear from you and you can send me a private message and include a phone number or email address and I will get in touch. As I said, the programme will be a hark back to the era and look at how life was. If we went ahead, we would come to you, and record a short interview, keeping inconvenience to a minimum.

I hope to hear from some for you, this would be a lovely way to record some special memories.

Best regards,

Mark Ferguson
BBC Northern Ireland


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Re: Were you born or Married in 1952? BBC Nostalgia Programme Request
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I suggest you post this on Belfast History and Memories, you might get more respons there.  Welcome to Belfast Forum :)
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