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Re: old park road
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Just below the Ballysillan Road -,-5.9657251,3a,75y,69.9h,76.26t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sV031I8v93o6HvdRb-2-rWw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

Where the New Century Shop is was O'Haras and the tanning shop was Ormo
billh35 - Thanks got it! it threw me when you mentioned "the parade" I wasn't that  familiar with the shops up at the top  end of Oldpark only the ones around Cliftonville Circus :) Those google maps are fantastic  you almost feel as if you are actually on the spot


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Re: old park road
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I used to live in Number 2 deerpark drive in the 50s.Ised to be Tony Rocks lived next door.There were the Shannon’s and I met up with Harry Sterling who lived in the drive.Now lives in Australia


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Re: old park road
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I came from Torrens Drive (1964 - 1991).  Remember the police station, June's corner shop beside the gospel hall and all the wee shops up at the circus.

went to Finiston PS and then up to the big school - Model from '76 - '81

As a wean I was in 14th BB in Oldpark Presbyterian church on the Cliftonville.


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Re: old park road
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My grandfather lived 5 oldpark row this was 1910 anybody know were this was cannot trace on map
I lived there in 1950 / 1961, it was a very old street, with several names, it is now called OLDPARK TERRACE, It had 14 houses on the left going in, Coulter's spray shop on the right. also Harries hall, a YMCA, & LOADS OF PLAYING fields at the top, All taken up by the Girls Model., other names,,, the Village, Oldpark Back Row. at that time the Adair's lived at  #5, Sammy Adair was well liked he were a window cleaner, I were in # 12. , here is a link,
 showing the earliest images of the street, which was built for mill workers, if you follow the link, you see the mill in the background. A bleaching pond in the fore ground & a very small school at the bottom of the row of houses,. Hitler blew the mill up during WW2,