Author Topic: any photos of lagan village ps  (Read 4257 times)


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Re: any photos of lagan village ps
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I moved to England in 1970 so never knew the McMahons. I do remember the Mccrorys . Think Michael went around with the brother.

he did neil rip. both neil and pearse was murdered. meet peggy mid 70s. they had moved from the east into west belfast. only ever seen her that once. dont know what became of her.


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Re: any photos of lagan village ps
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cheers m8 for taking the time hunting that photo out but im sure that aint lagan village school from richardson st ? ive seen this photo b4 and along with others agree it aint the old school we remember. now i could be wrong but i dont think its it.
Olelad....I have a niggling doubt also of the photo. (thanks Pentio for digging it out...please bear with us while we niggle )
Seem to remember a smaller door at the other end and did the school not butt onto the adjoining street buildings going down to Ravenhill...where does that space come from with the other car parked?
The chimney formation is strange...we all remember the heating pipes and that central located chimney stack doesn't fit. Though the blanked off chimneys are right for old coalfires for three classrooms.(it was an very old school)
Could be just re-development in the area....old school turned into community centre or somefink...If only we could read the street sign and it said " Richardson St " and I would have to eat our keyboards...right?