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Re: Car Manufacturing in Belfast
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I doubt many of them were made in Belfast, RosemaryJoan. I think there's a thread for the Ards TT which would be a better place to post the photos. There are also some motoring threads on the Sports board.

I've spotted a car called Devin Special, Bill Devin started the S/S Program in 1957 when he commissioned the rolling chassis to be manufactured in Belfast, NI and and had it shipped to his El Monte, California facility to be fitted with the engine, drive train, body work, trim, etc. The finished cars were then sold through Bill's dealer network.
I've just discovered that the man who made the chassis for the Devins in Belfast was called Noel Hillis.

Noel Hillis was my grandfather. I submitted a small entry to the (devinspecial dot com) website a few years ago:

(Scroll to the entry about the Irish history)

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Re: Car Manufacturing in Belfast
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