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This month (August) I am able to take care of your dog. If you are going away for a few days or you just have something important to do and you have no place where you could leave your pet, then I'm really happy to take a great care of it.
I have a back garden and I live near Belvoir Park, so I can go out several times a day to take your dog for long walks. I will probably be also able to take your pet on a beach.
Ever since I was little, in my family home there have always been dogs. I love these animals (and they really like me too), and I always pay attention to them. Now, in my house there are no other animals (except of a cat, but she spends most of her time outside as she avoids any contact with people and other pets). There aren't any children either.
Unfortunately I will not be able to take care a very large dog, which makes me very sad, because I love all dogs, no matter how they look, what their race and size is.
I can start from 5/08 to 19/08.
If you would like to use my services or ask some questions, please write to me!
Price to be determined, but I'm not too demanding. Spending time with dogs is a pure pleasure for me.