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City Centre. Denis O'D. Hanna LRIBA
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Denis O'D Hanna was the Church of Ireland Dioscesan Architect for Down and Connor.  He lived with his wife Norah, my Godmother, and their five children at "Cuillaire", Church Road, Holywood, Co. Down. I think they had a place at Orlock Point near Donaghadee where they went for a summer holiday although maybe they rented it the one summer. I know we were there one sunny summer's day in the late forties .. possibly the early fifties. We had great fun playing Cowboys and Indians. Five Hanna children, two or three Glendinning children plus my sister and myself. Another of Norah's Godchildren was a guy called Brian Hannon who attended St Columba's College, near Rathfarnham, Co. Dublin at the same time as myself. Brian went on to TCD and entered the Church of Ireland where he eventually became the Bishop of Clogher. His son, Neil, attended Portora Royal School and is lead member of a group called Divine Comedy.

Denis designed St Molua's, near Stormont on the Upper Newtownards Road. Among other items he designed was a bell tower over the main gate at St Nicholas, Carrickfergus.