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Rare Breed Pork Boxes
« on: March 31, 2014, 09:32:59 PM »
(I don't think I am breaking the rules by posting this, but if I am let me know!)

I'm rearing rare breed animals on my farm and serving them up at nose-to-tail dining nights at our MEAT Popup Restaurant. Anything we don't use in the restaurant I'm selling as meat boxes. Believe it or not this supports the survival of our local breeds by giving them a commercial purpose. Otherwise they will continue towards extinction.

Anyway, next week is Pig Night so after that I will be selling any leftover meat from our saddleback pigs (there'll be a lot) as Pork Variety Boxes made up of a fair mix of roasts, ribs, belly, leg, shoulder, chops, sausages etc. We sell them as 50 or 100 boxes and work with the butcher to make sure they are priced correctly (shouldn't cost anymore than standard meat prices, but with these breeds the taste difference noticeably better).

Everything will be prepped for the freezer. If you are in Belfast I'll be able to deliver to your house.

Anyone interested, or have have any questions email me of leave a reply.