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Need Help
« on: July 11, 2015, 03:13:09 PM »
Hi everyone,

First post here. I was looking for some help from people in the local area. I've recently graduated from University and done my dissertation on national gym chains and their business model. Basically, what I found was that many run a business model of fixing as many members as possible into a monthly fee and not caring if they show up.

Long story short, I've taken the plunge and to create a website where users can dictate their spend on the gym based on their use. No 5 or 6 pay as you go fees, gyms are bound to a formula that fairly prices their daily cost in relation to their monthly fee. I've also got nutritionists and PTs from around the country providing round the clock support on each user profile, with the goal of giving users everything they need to make the most of fitness no matter how infrequent their gym use. I've got three local gyms in the Belfast and Lisburn area on board now. However, what I'm struggling with is marketing ideas.

I'm confident the product provides great value, but I was looking for some suggestions from local business owners etc in how to get word out that the product is there?

I don't want to post the name of the website or anything as I'm not trying to advertise here, I'm just looking for some helpful suggestions :)