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« on: October 07, 2015, 10:31:35 PM »
Many years ago I worked in a print shop in the Markets area and I worked with a Kitty Boyd from Bond Street and a Irene Hutchison from the Shankill. I often wondered what happened with them. Any of my learned friends in the Forum know?
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Re: Reminiscing
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Hi there. I just noticed this post by accident. I am new to this forum. I think the Irene Hutchison you asked about was my mum. Sadly she passed away in 2012. She worked in the printing all her life. I vaguely remember (when I was very young) she worked in a printers in the new/old Lodge, possibly for Trimble? & one or two other places and then up until she retired, she worked for Graphic 3. She worked hard all her life and was always looking after others. Her married name was McClean.


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Re: Reminiscing
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Not sure about kitty but her brother Robert in on my Facebook friends list