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Re: St John Family
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When Rose Murphy died in 1903 (at 24 Little May Street), her daughter Mary Ann Graham was the informant at registration and reported that Rose was the widow of William Murphy:

In that light, and given the name Duncan Graham mentioned as the father in the 1908 record of the marriage of Mary Rosina Graham to John St. John, note the following marriage in August 1887 for a Mary Ann Murphy and a sailor called Joseph Duncan G ? (it's been transcribed as Grieve), Mary Ann's father was recorded as William, and her Ballyhornan address is right on the money in relation to the Dunsford birthplace mentioned in the 1911 census (the marriage actually took place in Dunsford RC church):

Note also that 9 months later, a fisherman called Joseph Graham and Mary Ann Murphy had a son Joseph at Ballyhornan:

The following 1885 birth of a daughter Rosina to Mary Ann Murphy at Ballyhornan would suggest that Rosina later took the Graham name:

Roy Joseph Maxwell

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Re: St John Family
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I have several posts on line regarding St. John and Needham families of Longford. They are on message boards via, My and Fund my - i am on Facebook as Roy Joseph Maxwell with links to Messenger and Whatts App - Roberta St. John Kidd on faceboim is also a cousin. Rev. Christopher St. John is another Cousiin


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Re: St John Family
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I am Roberta St John Kidd ... my gt Grandfather was Thomas and he was from Templemichael ..Longford and was in the Met Police London stationed in Woolwich and he married Caroline Johnston from Petworth Sussex and came back to live in Longford and then Belfast grandfather was his son Thomas and my Father was Robert and he had a Sister Alice ...I am in touch with my gt Grandfathers Brother Georges Family ..Christopher His gt gt gt Grandson did a lot of research and went to Longford to visit graves ...I am in touch with gt Grandfathers niece Margaret ..she was daughter of Caroline ..she was reared on Falls Road with an old Aunt of her Fathers and is in a Nursing home on Falls Road ..She is 97 in May and I am in touch with her family but until last 6 years they too knew nothing of St John family history..