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Information post - U3A - University of the Third Age
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Information post about... U3A ... which is   University of the Third Age
Regular readers of the Belfast forum  will be familiar with popular forum member Jack Casement, who is a keen and talented amateur artist, who frequently posts images of his paintings in the lounge section of the forum.;u=24641

He also has his own website on which he posts images of his paintings.

Jack has just posted an image of his latest picture on the link below.,68662.0/topicseen.html

On that recent forum thread, Jack mentioned an organisation called U3A for and with which he has held exhibitions of his paintings.

U3A = University of the Third Age

It's an organisation which provides various social and recreational learning opportunities and facilities for senior citizens, both in the U.K. and in Commonwealth countries.

This Wikipedia page describes the organisation and it's activities.

This is U3A's UK website...

This is their London website.

This is their Northern Ireland website.

This is their Belfast website.

This is a map of all of U3A U.K.'s  U.K. local branches...

If you hold your mouse pointer over the map and rotate your mouse wheel forwards or backwards, you can zoom in or out of the map.

If you hold your mouse pointer over the map and hold down your left or right mouse button and move your mouse around, you can move the map around.

You can also search for the branch locations by post code or town name, on this page...

This is the U.K.  U3A youtube video page...

This is the U3A  U.K. facebook page...

This is the U3A  U.K. twitter page...

At least some of the local branches may have their own local branch facebook pages, and possibly also their own branch twitter page.

This is some information about U3A  AUSTRALIA

This is their website...     ...

This is their facebook page...

U3A AUSTRALIA doesn't seem to have it's own youtube video page, but if you do the following google search you will see a bunch of youtube videos which have been posted by various AUSTRALIAN members or branches,   google search for ... youtube u3a australia.

If you want to download and save this information post as an a windows wordpad text file, in which the links above will also be clickable, you can view and download it from the link below...