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Re: Belfast Authors.
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Then there  is Eugene McEldowney, he also writes books (Romantic Novels) under another name.  Kate something.

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Re: Belfast Authors.
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Big fan of Belfast Crime writer, Sam Millar. A very generous writer with his time for people. He exposes a lot of corruption in Belfast, and champions the homeless and those less fortunate in our wee town.
Go to his website and check out some great reads.
Buy, borrow, or steal his books. You are in for a treat, to say the least. Good gritty dark writing. Not like most of the fluff out there.


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Re: Belfast Authors.
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I spent some time with Michael McLaverty in a big hotel called Purdysburn on the Saintfield Rd  in the early 80s. The poor man was away with the fairies, as were most of the guests.  He used to send me down to the wee sweety shop at the entrance to the hotel several times a day to ask if his watch was ready. I used to go.
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