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North Street, Belfast 1852 Information
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1852 Directory of Belfast and Province of Ulster
North Street (Bridge Street to Peter's Hill)

1-3 John Lytle, wholesale grocer and seed merchant
   5 Vacant
   7 James H. Smyth and Co., glass, oil and paint warehouse
      residence: 6, Waring Street
   9 Wm. Lewis, haberdasher
  11 James McCann, soap and candle manufacturer
       residence: 3, Winecellar Entry
  13 Wm. Hughes, corn merchant and flax spinner
  15 William Addison, wholesale grocer and seed merchant
  17 Samuel Gelston, wine and spirit merchant
       residence: Rosstulla, Whiteabbey
  19 Vacant
  21 James Boyd, umbrella and parasol maker
North Street Place 
  23 Joseph Lewis, lithographic printer
       residence: Carrickfergus
  23 John Costley, seedsman
  25 Robert Vance, wine and spirit merchant
       residence: M'Tier Street
  27 William Bullock, brush and weaver's utensil warehouse
       residence: Bower's Hill
St Anne's Buildings
  29 Mrs Robinson's commercial boarding house
  31 John and Robert Potts, iron merchants
       John Potts residence: 25, York Street
       Robert Potts residence: Rosemount, Antrim Road
33-35 Jas Kavanagh, wholesale grocer, glass, oil and colour dealer
37-39 Vacant
     41 Ann Ievers, grocer & tobacconist
     43 Daniel R. Brannigan, wholesale wine, tea and spirit stores
          residence: 2, Murray's Terrace
     43 Alex. Grant & Co., drapers and silk merchants
          A. Grant's residence .. 2, Joy Street