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Looking for relatives in Fermanagh
« on: February 24, 2018, 09:46:29 AM »
I'm new to tracing my family tree and I've come to a stop. My great great grandfather Michael Moane married my great great grandmother Margaret Dugan in 1884 in Belfast. On their wedding certificate it states that my great great great grandfather was Bernard Moane and was a farmer and my great great grandfather, Michael Moane - on the marriage certificate - was a soldier and at the time of his marriage his address was 'Military Barrack' and he was born in Fermanagh. I can't find any details of Michael Moane's regiment or when he joined or left the army. Also, there are so many Moanes in Fermanagh that I can't trace Bernard Moane and where he lived and who he married etc. My great great grandmother Margaret Dugan was from the New Lodge and I believe that the Royal Irish Rifles were billeted in Victoria Barracks in 1884 so its likely Michael was based there. They lived in Cleery Street in the Docks area. Can anyone help with the military information and the Fermanagh connection.


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Re: Looking for relatives in Fermanagh
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1. One of the two transcriptions I can see of the church record of marriage in St. Patrick's Belfast in 1884 cites both parents for bride and groom, namely Bernard and Mary Moane from Co. Fermanagh and Peter and Jeanette Dugan.

2.  A clearly identifiable military record for Michael exists (military ref. no. 1761) in that it mentions his wife (albeit recorded as 'Mary' Dugan) and a date and place of marriage of '13 April '84' at 'St Patrick Belfast'.   In an attestation on 14 May 1878, Michael was described as having been born in the parish of Clogher, near Fivemiletown in County Tyrone, his age was 18 years 0 months, he was a tailor by trade.  Before this attestation to the regular army (64th Brigade), he had been conditionally released from the Royal Tyrone Fusiliers. Moving forward to May 1884 (shortly after marriage), he was transferred to the Army Reserve.  There is a further 1890 attestation under the Army Reserve to the 2nd Bn Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers and he was then discharged in April 1894.  The only reference in these documents to next of kin are the words 'Bernard Father Brookeboro Fermanagh'.

3. In the circumstances, it is worth simply noting for now that a couple called Bernard Moane and Mary Nann/Naun/Vaun are on civil record as having a number of children in the 1860s through to the 1870s, the address was Eshnasillog in the parish of Aghalurcher, it's just possible that these were younger siblings to Michael who was born pre civil registration, here was that Bernard's widow and children in the 1901 and 1911 censuses (Bernard having died in 1893):

There again, there is nothing else to tie these folk down more conclusively as being Michael's family, the surname is not uncommon for the area (nor is the forename Bernard), so treat as speculation until they can be ruled in or out. You can find  various records for these folk on the 'IrishGenealogy' website.

If there are any images posted above that are important to you, take your own copy - I cannot guarantee they will appear indefinitely.


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Re: Looking for relatives in Fermanagh
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     the nearest Moane I could find to Brookborough which is in the civil parish of Aghavea Co Fermanagh is in 1862 in Griffiths Valuation see
Anne  Moan   Bunnisnagapple townland   Aghavea Co    Fermanagh
she had 55 acres of poor land quality and a modest house valued at fifteen shillings pa
map ref 3a  the property runs East from  Lough Avadran about a mile square with her homestead house and barn showing on this 1862 map .  however I cant find Lough Avadran on a google modern map. it is just south of the Teiges mountain.  I also can not locate Bunnisnagapple Road on google. 


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Re: Looking for relatives in Fermanagh
« Reply #3 on: May 09, 2019, 06:29:42 PM »
My great grandfather is Bernard Moane who married Mary Naun and lived at Eshnasillog Beg which is a very small townland in County Fermanagh.
I have a fmaily tree and DNA which could show if this is the Bernard Moane you are connected to.
Let me know if this is of interest
very best wishes