Author Topic: Edith McAnulty and Hugh Bowman - Little Grosvenor Street and Ninth Street, 1934  (Read 1002 times)


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Hi Everyone,

Just looking information on anyone who may have known either of the above couple - I have got the below information from there marriage certificate

Edith (Bridget) McAnulty was a servent aged 23 with the address 35 Little Grosvenor Street and Hugh was a Labourer, aged 17, with an address of 21 Ninth Street Belfast

I have been able to find where little Grosvenor street was, and I believe Ninth Street was between Conway Street and North Howard Street (With fifth street still being there today)

Unfortunatley neither of them seem to be listed in the 1932 street directories with 33, 35. Noble, Eliz., grocer at 35 Little Grosvenor Street.

Edith was previously know as Bridget and was originally from Castlewellan.

The couple moved to England at some stage (probably during the war)

Anyone that knows anything about them, all information greatly received.

The witnesses at there wedding were William and Mary Flannigan


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1932 belfast st dir  with thanks to mary lennon on this web

Ninth Street
North Howard Street to Conway Street[/size]
   1. Kirk, John, labourer
   3. Lewis, William, labourer
   5. Skelton, T., labourer
   7. Craig, James, beetler
   9. Pilson, Owen
 11. Morrison, Geo., fireman
 13. McDermott, Mrs. Emily
 15. Watters, James
 17. Hindes, Thomas, labourer
 19. Veal, John, labourer
 21. Sexton, Wm., labourer
 23. Barnes, W. E., labourer
 25. McCoubrey, David, labourer
 27. Hodgen, Mrs. Margt.
 29. McCappin, R., iron dresser
 31. Drennan, Mrs. Margaret[/size]

Grosvenor Street Little
from Grosvenor Road to Little Distillery Street[/size]

 33. Bushe, Geo., labourer
33, 35. Noble, Eliz., grocer


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I have got a little more information on them now:

They lived at 107 Benburb Street in 1939.

The street directory for 1939 isn't available online for this yet - but seems to be what is being worked on.

If anyone has access to this, I would appreciate if they could check the 1939 directory for me.

I now know Bridget worked as a shop assistant at one stage - I wonder if it was for Eliz Noble?, who lived at 35 Little Grosvenor Street.

107 Benburb street doesn't seem to exist anymore - anyone when this area was redeveloped?